Sunday, January 20, 2013


The Christmas tree fit nicely in our living room.  By nicely I mean in circumference.  It looked a bit short in a room with a 12 ft ceiling.  Can't have that with a wife from Santa Claus!  Next year will be a different tree and we'll look to dump this one off on a sister-in-law I suppose.  It's been a good tree for the Eble's since my parents bought it while I was in grade (maybe high) school.

Holly and I are fortunate to work at companies that are shutdown from Christmas to New Years so there wasn't too much traveling (after Christmas Eve...different story) or such.  Just sitting around like bumps on a log. Holly's been going through some back issues since around mid-December so it was actually nice not to have to do anything.  Being someone that doesn't like to be cooped up too long, I volunteered to go grocery shopping.

100% of the happiness of owning an American Girl doll.  1/4 the price.  Thanks Santa (Target)!

Many thanks to Grandmom for the stockings.  One for each of us knitted by hand!

Noel wants a hippopotamus for Christmas

Old and new.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Final Product

Following our move-in, we proceeded to watch all of our grass die during the summer drought.  Some of the landscaping as shown in a previous post (week 21 Update) was implemented based on our budget and the bushes/shrubs etc were watered through the summer.  That didn't stop at least 2 evergreens and a bush or two from dying.

The back yard as filled in by Mike was chock full of rocks and stones.  At one point Holly paid Cordelia for each rock she collected.  This fall we had the backyard re-leveled, a truck of good top soil dumped and fully reseeded.  Results were looking promising but are now under 8-10 inches of snow.  We'll see in the spring.

Next post: Christmas and snow come to Casa de Eble.

Back Patio
Standing in Driveway looking toward front entrance

I described which house we live in to a mother at Cordelia's gynmastics class.  Her comment "you have quite the wall there!"  Yeah it's a bit larger than we ever expected it to be.  My parents had begun calling the house "The Citadel".

Cordelia and Evie's room.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

"Why did your blog fall off the face of the earth?"

So were the sentiments of one of Holly's cousins when we spoke just prior to Christmas.  True to my word, I'll get some additional photos and thoughts up over the next few weeks.

So here we go.  The last update was in late April.  I took photos of the finished product in mid-May but never posted them.  Not sure why but I'll get them up along with some nice winter photos.  We moved in the Friday prior to Memorial Day weekend and had no home phone / internet for most of June.  That's the only excuse I can come up with.

For now here's a few photos of something that I found a bit disturbing.  Holly and I were working from home on the Friday before Christmas break and heard a loud noise out front.  Here's what happened:

My brother-in-law Vince (former CenterGrover turned Carmel guy) tells me that my street used to be called "Bloody Olive Branch" due to the high number of accidents on some twisty sections of which we live right at the end.  I'm guessing that's the reason for the guard rail on the opposite side of the street.  This is an odd accident on my side of the street.

Judging by the tire marks, I believe he creamed the bushes and may have done a complete 360 on his way through the large rocks into the ditch.

My heart truly went out to the guy.  He said he had just had a child and I'm guessing delivering pizzas in his car was his livelihood.  All I could do was call the sheriff's office and offer him a coke.  As I thought more about the accident, our kids like to play down in that area and would have been flattened by the car.  Chilling.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week 23 and 24

I just didn't have time to post last week.  Sorry. 

Holly and I met Mike at the home on Monday and did a walk-through of the inside.  There were a few things that needed to be taken care of but not too many.  Mostly nail pops and scrapes on the wood.  It should be finished by Friday with only the outside left. 

We'll be implementing the landscaping plan at the front walk and immediately in the rear of the house and that's about all at this time.

No update on selling our current home.  I don't think we've had someone come through in a few weeks.  We may have a lead on our 3 acre lot though!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Week 22

We're in the home stretch now!  Likely about 2 weeks left to go. These are some photos from the inside this past weekend.  The plumbing and lighting are all done.

On the inside this week, the painters are finishing touchups where nail pops were repaired and getting the final stain on some pieces.  Cleaning folks will be giving the house a full cleaning from top to bottom (lots 'o dust).  On the outside, the front, side, and rear patio are poured.  Front walk will be finished and driveway may go in later in the week.

In the far back of our property there were some drainage issues that Mike reviewed with Johnson County.  They agreed that the drainage was set up incorrectly per the Highland Park Plat and will be preparing a letter to the HOA detailing the issue and asking them to fix it.

And well it does end!  This still has grout haze on it but the floor is MUCH improved.

Master Shower
Cordelia shows off her bathroom and wrap around mirrors in the hall bathroom.

Turn head to right.  Hall bathroom shower/tub.
I think Xavier's eyes may match the paint.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week 21

Good meeting today down at the house!

Jim Tragessar our Landscape Architect and Mike were there to review Jim's plan.  It's beautiful but also likely VERY expensive.  We think we're going to break it up into chunks and do a bit of it over the next few years.  I took the C size print and scanned 5 8.5x11s that I then pieced together.  I think this gives you a flavor of what it will look like.

Interesting things to note on the print:  patio out the back of the house and a round fire ring.  Also Jim was the man that designed the curvature of the front wall.  That is visible in front of the home along with quite a bit of plantings around it.

As I had mentioned in the previous post, the kitchen and back hallway are just about refloored.  I expect that they'll likely finish up today and grout on Sunday.

The bathroom mirrors are installed as is all of the closet shelving.  Once the tile flooring is complete the plumber will be back in to finish things up and will turn the water on to the house.  Mike told us that he'd be turning the pex on one line at a time so that each line could be labelled.  Thank God!  I thought I'd have to do that.

I didn't get any new pictures since the kids were dying to get out of there.  Instead, I present some pictures taken last week that I had not posted in the week 20 update.  Kind of week 20 rejects that are good enough for week 21.

Jim T's plan.  Click for a better view.

View of plant shelf.  Our camera won't get a good picture of the raised ceiling.  Sherwin Williams - Notable Blue

Cordelia and Evie's bedroom.  SW- Solaria

Whoops!  Light fixture now hangs in our current house above my sink.  2 more lights are in the mail.  SW- Softened Green

Across the street from our house

View of friends entrance and carriage light.

All's well that ends well

Last Friday (3/16) I stopped by the house in the AM on my way to work to drop off some hose reels that I had assembled the night before.  The flooring for the hallway, kitchen and eating area had been installed and it did not look good.

Back when we were choosing flooring, Holly had expressed interest in a slate look and the flooring company (ICC Floors) had suggested the real thing.  There was a 3' x 3' area in the show room of "Indian Mulitcolor" that looked great.  We went with it and got two sample pieces for color matching.  Let me say this, the showroom floor and our samples had some texture which we liked. Some.

Below are the photos that I took of the flooring as installed.  Unknown to me, Mike had emailed me the night before suggesting I stop by and look at the flooring.  After seeing the slate, I called Mike who was only 3 or so minutes away.  We looked at it together and he agreed that it didn't look good.  He had had his wife look at it the night before and she assumed that it was an outdoor tile (indoor per ICC).  I told Mike that it was unacceptable and he immediately called ICC Floors.

Two of their salesmen came down that day along with the Rep for the tile company (DalTile).  The story as I understand it is that the Daltile guy said that since it was natural stone it was expected to have some variations and that the tiles were to their standards.  Low standards in my opinion.  See below and judge for yourself.

Here's where having a good builder comes in handy.  Mike fully agreed with us as to the quality of the tile.  Though the Daltile Rep washed his hands of any wrong, ICC Floors stepped up to the plate.  They offered to open the store off-hours to allow us to come look for an alternative; they brought samples to our home for us to look at; they allowed us to pick out what we liked as a replacement -- with no consideration for whether it fit into our original budget.  Holly and I picked a new tile (slate looking ceramic) last Saturday.  By today (3/24) ICC has removed all of the slate flooring and subfloor and has replaced it with the new.  I truly believe that this was made possible due to Mike's sterling reputation and relationship with his subcontractors.

Good for ICC Floors.  Good for Mike.  Daltile Co, not so much.

Silly Blogger.  Best viewed with head tilted to the left.  Note the extreme height difference.

Move over Costanza, there's a new hand model in town!